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Integrate Online Payments with GDS & Related Providers

Find business opportunities at the intersection of data, technology, and payments. Through our partnerships in the travel industry, we are able to provide online payment solutions that integrate Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and related providers. With these solutions, travel management companies and airlines can increase their efficiencies through virtual payments that are simple to set up and easy to use with their existing systems.

PAXVIA – Integrated Solution for UATP Corporate Cardholders

WEX has partnered with UATP, a global corporate travel payment provider, to offer PAXVIA – the all-in-one solution for airline, hotel, and car rental payments. With PAXVIA, UATP corporate cardholders can purchase airline, hotel and car rentals with their UATP card. The solution seamlessly extends the payment capabilities of the card and enables the client to book their travel with their existing travel agency without any process changes.

PAXVIA offers:

  • Simple setup to enable TMC
  • No change in current booking process
  • One consolidated travel statement
  • No physical plastic card required, which reduces risk of fraud
  • Ability to track expenses and budget with access to Level III data
  • No cross-border or foreign exchange fees

GraspPAY – Integrated Payment Solution for TMCs

GraspPay allows Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporate travel booking channels to integrate virtual card technology with the major GDS and online booking tools. This solution provides a more efficient, effective, and secure way to pay for and settle corporate travel and expense transactions.

GraspPAY offers:

  • Full integration with GDS and online booking tools
  • Seamless integration with no disruption to booking flow
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Integrated reporting and analytics
  • The greater security of virtual card numbers
  • No transaction costs

Demand Gateway™ Virtual Payment Solution for Booking and Payments

WEX and IBS Software Services have partnered to enhance IBS’ Hospitality Business’s expansive hotel booking platform with a real-time, integrated virtual card solution. The Demand Gateway™ solution empowers hotels to efficiently expand their distribution reach, centralize operations and increase revenue.

Demand Gateway offers:

  • Integrated virtual card technology
  • Automated hotel payment processing
  • One-to-one reconciliation
  • 20+ currency payment options
  • The greater security of virtual card numbers
  • Single portal for booking and payment generation


Download an informational fact sheet about PAXVIA, and learn how TMCs and airlines who are UATP corporate card holders can expand their capabilities with virtual payments.


Visit the GraspPAY website to learn more about how GraspPAY can be integrated into the major GDS and online booking tools to provide a better way to manage corporate travel and expenses.

IBS Hospitality Solutions

Download an informational fact sheet to learn how Demand Gateway from IBS Hospitality Solutions powered by WEX works, and how virtual card technology can expand your distribution reach, centralize operations and increase revenue.