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4 Ways to Win Customers by Enhancing Supplier Payments

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While travel patterns have been majorly disrupted by continued economic difficulties, terrorism and even pandemics, such as Zika, the world is not sitting still. Over the past several years, only about 1 in 10 Americans cut back on their vacation travel due to safety concerns. Today’s traveler has more choice and greater control than ever before: everything needed to plan a trip is readily available online, from a wide array of destinations to flexible booking options and low prices. Today’s marketplace is truly a traveler’s paradise.

In today’s travel ecosystem, understanding the end-to-end customer experience – how they choose, book, travel and stay – should drive every decision you make as a business including choosing a relevant and competitive supplier payment strategy. It will give you the agility you need as a business to successfully navigate the changing demands of your customers and stay profitable despite growing competition.

In this whitepaper, we explore key trends in the market, evolving choices for the consumer and how these should drive your payment strategy.