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Aviation GraphicAviation

MyFlightSolutions, powered by WEX, is an aviation payment solution that can help you save money, reduce foreign exchange fees, and simplify payments to FBOs and suppliers, as well as pay for flight department expenses.

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Case Studies & Whitepaper GraphicCase Studies & White Papers

See how MAC Air streamlined their payment process at FBOs with the MyCopilot App powered by WEX Virtual Payments.

Fact Sheet GraphicFact Sheets

Find out how MyFlightPayments can help the aviation industry streamline B2B payments.

Learn how MyFlightPayments can help you save Save on foreign currency transactions with 21 currencies offered.

See how MyFlightPayments can revolutionize Revolutionize your supplier bill pay process.

Videos and WebinarsVideos & Webinars

Watch to learn about the MyCopilot app — the only Introducing the all-in-one payment solution for aircraft fuel and FBO services, as well as all travel related expenses for pilots.

VP AssetsInsurance

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WEX Virtual Payments streamlines the payment process for property and casualty insurance and warranty companies and seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Case Studies GraphicCase Studies & White Papers

Learn how Safe-Guard uses WEX Virtual Payments to issue one-time, electronic payment cards to a multitude of repair facilities.

Read about how SouthwestRe uses WEX Virtual Cards to issue single use cards directly to vendors with the allowed amount limited to the exact claim amount due.

Fact Sheet GraphicFact Sheets

Our Buyer’s Guide can help you make smart payment choices. Arm yourself with information about automatic reconciliation, currencies and rebates to make sure you are getting the most out of your payment solution.

Learn how WEX Virtual Payments enables you to eliminate checks at no cost to you and provides insurers tools to help manage claims payment processes.

Videos and WebinarsVideos & Webinars

Overview of WEX Insurance

Watch to learn how WEX Virtual Payments are a more secure way to pay preferred and out-of-network suppliers, which can save you money and preserve customer loyalty.

Media GraphicMedia

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AnchorOps ePay streamlines the media buying process and combines electronic payments, process automation, reporting, and reconciliation, with the opportunity to unlock revenue share.

vp-Asset 5Case Studies & White Papers


Learn how CRN International replaced their costly, paper-based process for managing media payments with AnchorOps ePay solution.

Find out why Swanson Russell makes made the switch from American Express to AnchorOps ePay.

Read how Mundy Katowitz Media accelerated the speed of media payments and slashed costs with AnchorOps ePay Political solution.

Fact Sheet GraphicFact Sheets

Learn about AnchorOps ePay, the complete solution from AnchorOps and WEX for sending, tracking, and reconciling electronic payments specifically for the media industry.

Videos and WebinarsVideos & Webinars

AnchorOps ePay Overview

Watch to learn how AnchorOps significantly streamlines and adds value to the media invoicing and payment process.

VP AssetTravel

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WEX was the pioneer in the virtual travel payment industry and now serves the largest OTAs in the industry, like Expedia and Priceline. We serve OTAs, travel agents, and travel companies.

vp-Asset 5Case Studies & White Papers

Learn about the virtual payment solution from WEX Travel that Expedia chose to keep up with its expanding international business.

See how Orbitz uses virtual cards from WEX Travel to issue one-time, electronic payment cards to airlines, hotels and other vendors.

Read about how Liftopia leverages the WEX Travel solution to pay its ski resort partners.

Find out how Travelliance engaged WEX Travel to transform their payment processes and systems via virtual card technology.

Read this white paper to learn how enhancing the strategy you employ to pay suppliers can help you to win and retain customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Fact Sheet GraphicFact Sheets

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions that we receive from hotels about our Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs).

Videos and WebinarsVideos & Webinars

Travel Overview

See why we’ve gone from being the pioneer in virtual travel payments to becoming the payments solution of choice for the largest online travel agencies in the world.


HotelTonight is a global mobile-only on demand market place connecting last minute travelers with excess inventory from thousands of hotel partners in over 2,100 cities and more than 30 countries.

The Travel Corporation

The Travel Corporation Pty Ltd is a global travel businesses, established for over 50 years and with offices around the world.

Flight Centre

Flight Centre Travel Group has over 30 brands across 15 countries and more than 18,000 staff. It operates within the retail, corporate, wholesales, OTA and tour operators spaces.