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Fully Automated ePayments for the Travel industry from Voxel and WEX

Voxel’s baVel platform allows clients to exchange information between trading partners in the travel industry, such as invoices, credit notes and payment advice electronically and simplifies invoice processing through e-billing and e-settlement. WEX virtual cards are available through the baVel payment gateway, allowing fully automated ePayment of pre-qualified invoices through the platform and totally eliminating all manual processes in the invoice-to-pay cycle.

Voxel Group has more than 15 years expertise in developing technology solutions for the travel market. Their goal is to ensure that companies all over the world can share all types of electronic transactions, regardless of their ERP system. The group consists of various companies that provide specific solutions to the unique challenges in the travel industry.

WEX provides the virtual card technology for Voxel’s baVel payment system. WEX is a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, issuing billions of dollars in annual payments worldwide. WEX customizes solutions for streamlining the payment process through virtual card technology.