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Virtual Payments for the Aviation Industry from MyFlightSolutions and WEX

WEX partners with MyFlightSolutions to provide virtual payments to the aviation industry through MyFlightPayments and the MyCopilot app. These solutions streamline payments for aircraft fuel and FBO services, as well as travel-related expenses for flight crews.

MyFlightSolutions, a Flying Software Labs Inc. company, is dedicated to providing easy-to-use but powerful web and mobile-based systems to manage aviation-related activities. Their goal is to help operators decrease operation and compliance costs while increasing resource utilization and profits.

WEX provides the virtual payment technology for MyFlightPayments and the MyCopilot app. WEX is a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, issuing billions of dollars in annual payments worldwide. WEX customizes solutions for streamlining the payment process through virtual card technology.

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