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Efficient Electronic Payment Solutions from AnchorOps and WEX

WEX and AnchorOps have partnered to create AnchorOps ePay link to and ePay Political — the only electronic payment solutions designed exclusively for the media buying industry. AnchorOps ePay, powered by WEX, combines the finance and payment expertise of one of the nation’s largest issuers of Mastercard® payment solutions, with the foremost innovator of media finance technology.

AnchorOps is an expert in the media industry, providing solutions tailored specifically for media buying agencies, ad agencies, media finance teams and their suppliers. Their leadership team comes from the media finance world and are able to meet the distinctive needs of those buying traditional and political media.

WEX provides the payment technology behind AnchorOps ePay. WEX is a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, issuing billions of dollars in annual payments worldwide. WEX customized solutions for streamlining the payment process through virtual card technology.

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