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Simplify & Streamline the Media Buying Process with ePay

Streamline the media buying process with an electronic payment solution from AnchorOps ePay, powered by WEX Virtual Payments. Our customized solution for the media industry can help you simplify the payment process, save time, increase revenue, and achieve maximum efficiency.

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How it Works

Many traditional and political media agencies are still using inefficient paper-based processes for buying media. Others have achieved some efficiencies by switching to a generic payment provider that automates some processes. AnchorOps ePay, however, is the only solution designed exclusively for media buying, allowing for the mix of media and diverse set of suppliers that are unique to the industry.

AnchorOps ePay, powered by WEX, combines electronic payments, process automation, reporting, and reconciliation with the opportunity to unlock revenue share. You can:

  • Ensure payment success and higher acceptance with our proprietary database and matching engine that tracks supplier changes, such as mergers
  • Have greater security and fraud protection through the use of virtual, one-time use cards
  • Use a variety of payment methods, including portal, fax, email, and Buyer-Initiated-Payment (BIP)
  • Automate payments through supplier portals
  • Easily integrate with existing systems, including Mediaocean and Advantage
  • Track and analyze spending and revenue share

The Process

AnchorOps ePay is able to provide the industry’s highest rate of acceptance through the use of virtual card technology powered by WEX.

When you receive an invoice from a supplier, you simply send the payment file to WEX. An email is sent to the vendor with virtual card information. The supplier runs the card through the POS system, just as they would a traditional credit card, using the Mastercard® network. WEX pays the media supplier, and the process is complete.

After that, you have access to rich reporting and analytics data that can help you continually improve your processes. Integration is seamless with existing systems, and the greater acceptance rate will improve your bottom line.

“Ultimately, AnchorOps ePay was the best fit for our business because it offered greater flexibility than our existing solution and was developed to meet the specific needs of our industry.”

—Mike Babel, Senior Vice President/ Director of Finance, Swanson Russell

How it Works

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Fact Sheet

Download an informational fact sheet that explains how AnchorOps ePay can help you streamline the media buying process and increase revenue.

Case Study

With AnchorOps ePay, powered by WEX, Mundy Katowitz Media:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Lowered costs
  • Automated media rep notification and payment verification
  • Reduced time making payments from hours to minutes


Watch to learn how AnchorOps ePay is the best payment solution for the media industry because it was developed exclusively for media buyers.

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