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Enhance Cash Flow & Earn On Payments

The digital media market is fast paced and constantly changing, to focus on delivering innovative campaigns that provide the results your customers are looking for, you need a supplier payments solution that is as innovative as your business is.

Simplify Every Step Of Every Payment

  • Stability and flexibility when you need it – Paying for media can put a dent in cash flow. Being one part bank and one part tech companies means we can provide credit between payment cycles to bridge the gap, while simultaneously providing the flexibility you need to stay nimble in the ever-evolving digital media market
  • Earn money on every payment – With a revenue share paid on every campaign payment, you can earn money for work that you are already doing, creating a new revenue stream for your business
  • Ensure seamless campaign management – We understand that delayed or untraceable campaign payments can have a serious impact on customer relationships. Our supplier payments solution ensures that campaign payments, no matter the volume, are made promptly and accurately
  • Simplify every step of every payment – Free your team to focus on customers rather than administrative tasks. Our technology automatically controls, tracks and reconciles payments to suppliers and facilitates generation of detailed reports to meet demands for campaign transparency
  • A payments solution designed just for you – We work closely with you to understand your challenges and needs and will create a payment solution tailored to your unique role in the digital media landscape
  • Get started fast – Our supplier payments solution has a sophisticated API designed to integrate seamlessly into your current systems, so getting started with a more secure, efficient and data-driven payments process is simple

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Enhance Cash Flow & Earn On Payments

Learn more about how our virtual payments solution helps media companies to stay innovative, improve working capital and even earn money on payments made.


Introducing Virtual Payments For Media Businesses

Watch to learn how our supplier payments solution can help your media business to increase revenue, optimise cash flow, streamline AP processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Fact Sheet

Buyers Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide can help you make smart payment choices. Arm yourself with information about automatic reconciliation, currencies and more to make sure you are getting the most out of your payments solution.