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Streamlined B2B Payment Solutions for the
Aviation Industry

Streamline payments and increase operational efficiency with a virtual payment solution from MyFlightSolutions, powered by WEX. Our aviation payment solutions can help you save money, reduce foreign exchange fees, and simplify payments to FBOs and suppliers, as well as pay for flight department expenses.

MyFlightPayments Powered by WEX

This flexible B2B payment solution for the aviation industry uses virtual card technology to make paying suppliers simple and secure. Virtual, single-use card numbers can be used to pay all your suppliers, in 21 different currencies. The chance of fraudulent use is minimized by controls you can set on each transaction, including the dollar amount and the time frame for use. Implementation is easy and requires no additional hardware or software, as payments are accepted through existing POS terminals.

  • Save up to 3% on international payments and eliminate FX fluctuation risk by paying suppliers in their currency
  • Get enhanced data quality and robust reporting
  • Assign purchases to cost centers or general ledger accounts
  • Set up customized, transaction-specific controls to minimize fraud


“The level of customer service at MyFlightSolutions and WEX is unparalleled in my experience. They listened to our needs and continue to exceed our expectations.”
– Arran, Accounting Controller, MAC Air Group

MyCoPilot Powered by WEX

The MyCoPilot mobile app is the all-in-one payment solution for aircraft fuel and FBO services, as well as many travel-related expenses. Payments can be made directly from the app for any flight department expense where Matercard® is accepted.

  • Tailored to pilots and operators
  • Pushes scheduled release and reservation information directly to pilots
  • Receipt capture technology eliminates the need to keep receipts
  • Captures and shares transaction info in real-time
  • Seamless API integration available

Download the MyFlightPayments and MyCoPilot Fact Sheet here.

About WEX and MyFlightSolutions

Phone AppWEX is an industry leader in B2B payment solutions with 500,000 customers and $50B in annual commercial payments. We pioneered single-use virtual technology and innovative single-use account and AP solutions. MyFlightSolutions specializes in business intelligence, operations, and payments. They are the industry leader in cloud-based software solutions for the aviation industry.

How it Works

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Case Study

With MyCopilot mobile app powered by WEX, MAC Air Group:

  • Improved operational efficiency and increased time savings
  • Streamlined payment process at fixed based operations
  • Gained convenient and fast payment access with mobile app


See how you can save up to 3% on FX mark ups or cross currency fees when making international payments, and view the 21 currencies you can make payments in using MyFlightPayments, powered by WEX.


Watch to learn how the MyCoPilot mobile app can simplify payments to FBOs, fuel services, and travel related expenses by allowing for mobile payment and easy tracking and reconciliation.