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WEX Virtual Payments

A customized virtual payment solution from WEX can help your company streamline the payment process, reduce accounting workload, improve productivity and reporting, and increase your bottom-line savings. An innovator in virtual card number (VCN) technology, WEX Virtual Payments has become a global leader in virtual payment solutions, combining in-depth industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to transform payments for companies around the world.

With virtual card numbers and other technologies, WEX creates solutions that make the payment process automated, efficient, global, and secure. Virtual cards are one of the most secure ways to pay your suppliers since they have a one-time use, have controls that help prevent fraud, and have international acceptance. WEX virtual cards can currently be accepted in 210 countries and 21 currencies, helping companies minimize FX mark ups and cross currency fees. Virtual cards also make reconciliation automated, and payments can be made real-time or in batches.

WEX Virtual Payment solutions can help any company transform their payment processes, and increase the security of their payments. We have also developed specialized solutions to meet the unique needs of the travel industry, the traditional and political media industries, and the insurance industry.



WEX was the pioneer in the virtual travel payment industry and now serves the largest OTAs in the industry, like Expedia and Priceline. We specialize in virtual payments and process more than 20 billion dollars in travel payments annually. We serve OTAs, travel agents, travel companies, as well as companies in the aviation industry.



With our solution for property and casualty insurance and warranty companies, we can help streamline the payment process so your contractors and suppliers get paid in real-time with virtual cards. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides greater ease of reconciliation.



Through our partner AnchorOps, we provide the technology to streamline the media buying process. AnchorOps ePay was designed specifically for the media industry and combines electronic payments, process automation, reporting, and reconciliation with the opportunity to unlock revenue share.