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Travellers Go Mobile

Mobile is a key area of growth for travel companies online, this infographic looks at:

  • How fast will mobile booking volume growth over the coming years?
  • Which European travel markets are most advanced when it comes to mobile?
  • What new trends and technologies should travel companies pay attention to?

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Our whitepaper, 3 Ways Digital Transformation Of Supplier Payments Can Drive Online Growth, further explores the areas that offer you opportunity for online growth and explains how the right supplier payment strategy can help you get ahead.

Travellers Go Mobile

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Travellers Go Mobile

2017 saw continued growth in spending on international travel as economic factors within Europe improved and consumer confidence grew stronger. 

This is positive for travel companies; however competition to win bookings online has become greater, while growth in online bookings has slowed.  

In our infographic we look at one of the key areas that offers you opportunity to grow your business online – mobile – and answer these questions: 

  • At what rate are mobile bookings set to grow within Europe? 
  • Which 3 European travel markets have the highest level of mobile penetration in the region? 
  • What trends should you be tracking in the future? 

View the infographic now

Our whitepaper shows other areas online that offer you the opportunity to win more bookings. It explores how digital transformation of supplier payment processes can equip your business to react to opportunities that emerge and achieve growth online.