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Destinations To Watch

This infographic looks at the up and coming destinations that travellers from the UK look set to flock to in 2018 and beyond, it answers key questions including:

  • Does search data indicate where travellers are likely to visit in the future?
  • Away from the traditional favourites which new destinations are travellers turning their attentions to?
  • Are destinations further afield attracting more travellers?

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Our whitepaper, The State Of International Travel, further explores where travellers are visiting and highlights the importance of choosing the right currency and payment strategy when paying international suppliers.

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Destinations to Watch

International travel continues to grow; the Office for National Statistics reported that UK travellers took a record 70.8 million trips abroad in 2016, up 8% on 2015.

With this in mind our latest infographic explores which destinations are emerging as new favourites for travellers from the UK, answering these questions:

  • Why is search data indicative of where travellers will actually visit in the coming months?
  • Beyond predicting how visits to favourite destinations will change, how does search data show which new destinations are gaining popularity?
  • Which 6 destinations look set to be the ones to watch for travel companies in the future?

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The growing popularity of new destinations brings with it a need to pay suppliers in new currencies, our whitepaper looks at how this can impact your travel business, particularly with regards to currency market movements.

It examines how different strategies and payment methods can help you minimise exposure to exchange rate fluctuations while maximising savings when paying international suppliers.