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How Do Currency Markets Impact Travel Costs?

Currency market movements have a significant impact for travel companies making international supplier payments; this infographic explores this impact and answers key questions including:

  • What impact did Brexit have on exchange rates?
  • How has this affected travel companies?
  • Are surcharges an effective way to recover increased costs?

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Our whitepaper, The State Of International Travel, further explores the impact of currency markets on travel businesses and the importance of choosing the right strategy when making international supplier payments.

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The appetite for international travel is still strong amongst British travellers despite tough market conditions – the need to pay suppliers across the globe is as important as ever.

Changing exchange rates can have a significant impact on your business; our latest infographic explores how movements caused by political events, in particular the EU referendum, impact travel companies. This infographic shows:

  • The impact of the Brexit vote on the value of the British Pound
  • Risks caused to travel companies by currency market movements
  • Increases in the number of travel companies surcharging customers

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The need to have a strong currency and payment strategy is vital in protecting your business against exchange rate fluctuation. Our whitepaper, The State Of International Travel, examines the different strategies and payment methods that can help you minimise exposure to exchange rate fluctuation, while maximising savings, when making international supplier payments.