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Destinations: Where Do Travellers Want To Go?


  • What impact are safety concerns having on travel plans?
  • How has this changed where holidaymakers are choosing to visit?
  • Which region has seen a particularly strong increase in visitors?

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Whitepaper: Destinations - Where Do Travellers Want to Go?

While growth is forecast for the travel industry, there a number of pertinent issues that challenge travel companies and threaten industry growth.

Our infographic, Destinations: Where Do Travellers Want To Go?, explores one of the challenges that travel companies face – keeping up with changes in where travellers wish to visit.

Safety concerns, coupled with political factors, are directing travellers away from some destinations and towards others. This means travel companies need to ensure they are able to offer the right selection of destinations to customers in order to win bookings.

View our infographic to learn more about where travellers want to visit

Our whitepaper, Stay Ahead In 2017 With The Right Payment Strategy, provides further insight into changing destination tastes and explores other challenges faced by the travel industry today. The whitepaper also explains how virtual payments can give your business the edge to stay ahead and win bookings.

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