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Stay Ahead In 2017 With The Right Payment Strategy

A must read for travel companies worldwide, answering these questions:

  • How are destination choices changing?
  • What opportunities exist to win more bookings?
  • Why is cost so important for travellers?

Payment Strategies for 2017

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The travel market is continuing to witness fast paced change, to stay ahead and win bookings you need to ensure that your travel company is equipped with the right information and tools.

Our whitepaper, Stay Ahead In 2017 With The Right Payment Strategy, explores key trends that are shaping the travel industry and answers these questions:

  • Changing destination preferences – how are safety concerns, as well as political factors, impacting where travellers visit? Is the impact as great as is often perceived?
  • Opportunities to win bookings – what opportunities exist for travel companies to increase bookings? Which areas are particularly attractive?
  • Keeping costs competitive – why are travellers increasingly looking for low cost travel options? Are younger travellers more concerned with cost than older travellers?

To win bookings it is vital to build strong relationships with suppliers so that you can provide travellers access to the right destinations, in the right place and at the right cost.

The whitepaper explains how choosing the right payment strategy will help you win over suppliers and give you the edge to stay ahead of both market changes and your competitors.

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