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Increase Profitability and Enhance Cash Flow

Secure Payment Solutions

For companies today managing cash flow and working capital is often a challenge with the need to manage the monetary requirements of your own business against the need to pay suppliers according to agreed timelines.

The method you choose to pay suppliers can be crucial in helping you successfully manage these competing needs and can even help your business have better control over cash flow and working capital.

Our secure payment solutions are credit-funded with different payment options to suit your business.

Access to a credit line at no cost allows you to pay your suppliers immediately, or to agreed timelines, while only needing to settle your account with us at a later date. This gives your business much more flexibility regardless of whether you are awaiting payments from your customers for goods/services or you want to invest cash into your business or assets.

Our flexible solution can be tailored to allow you to choose a cost of acceptance option that suits the needs of each supplier.

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The Innovative Way To Manage Cash Flow and Working Capital
The method you choose to pay suppliers can be crucial to successfully managing the monetary requirements of your business against the need to pay suppliers to agreed timescales.

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Virtual Payments Buyers Guide
When assessing and comparing supplier payment solutions it can be difficult to know where to start so we’ve put together a handy checklist to show you what to look for.

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Transform Supplier Payments
Find out how travel businesses can benefit from our supplier payment solution while building stronger relationships with suppliers to ensure the right options are available for customers.

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