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Supplier Payments Solution That Increases Cash Flow
and Streamlines Supplier Payments

Our supplier payments solution can be used by businesses across a wide variety of industries looking to save time and money when paying suppliers locally and across the globe. There are a number of specific applications that our solution can be used for:

Accounts Payable – at the simplest level we assist businesses in managing the need to pay suppliers on time and efficiently, while keeping costs down, reducing accounts payable workload and maintaining positive cash flow. Read more.

Currencies – our solution is accepted globally via existing networks and boasts extensive currency capabilities. It helps to reduce exposure to exchange rate fluctuation risk and significantly cuts the cost of cross-border payments to suppliers across the globe over 150 currencies. Read more.

E-Invoicing – through our integrations with e-invoicing platforms we can help businesses fully automate the payment process from invoice to payment, reducing resource needed when managing these processes and helping businesses utilise technologies to automate administrative processes. Read more.

Cash Flow – few businesses can boast that cash flow is not a concern. We give businesses the flexibility to effectively manage their own working capital requirements against the need to pay suppliers in a timely manner with access to extended payment terms at no cost. Read more.

No matter what market segment you compete in our supplier payments solution offers a number of benefits for your business including the ability to achieve efficiencies within your business, increase revenue, improve security and take control over payments.

Our supplier payments solution is quick and easy to start using, we will work with you to choose an implementation option that fits with your business – standalone portal, batch file options and full API integration are just some of the approaches we can take. We work with a number of partners across the industries that we operate within to ensure that our solution works with your existing systems.