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Voxel Group – baVel Platform


e-Billing Integration with Voxel’s baVel Platform

Voxel Group is the world’s leading provider of electronic billing solutions to the travel industry. Voxel’s baVel platform allows its clients to exchange information, such as invoices, credit notes and payment advices electronically and simplifies invoice processing through e-billing and e-settlement.

WEX virtual cards are available through the baVel payment gateway allowing fully automated payment of prequalified invoices through the platform.

Benefits to you:

  • You will receive invoices immediately upon booking confirmation or hotel check-out
  • Invoices are automatically validated and approved
  • Pay any supplier globally in real time

Make supplier relationships more profitable

The integration of our virtual payments solution into the baVel invoice settlement platform allows you to automate invoice and payment processing to make supplier relationships more profitable:

  • Fully integrates into your current IT systems (ERP, PMS)
  • You don’t need your own invoicing programmes as you can create them online
  • Payments easily accepted by suppliers through existing Mastercard and Visa card terminals

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