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Enhance Working Capital & Access an Additional Revenue Stream

WEX Virtual Payments allow media agencies and buyers, as well as ad tech companies, to pay suppliers with a real-time and touch free electronic payment solution that is globally accepted.

Key benefits for your media business include:

  • Bridge the working capital gap between paying campaign costs and receiving payment from customers with access to a credit line at no cost
  • Create a new revenue stream for your business by earning a kickback on all payments made
  • Gain greater control over spending and payments with the ability to specify the timing, recipient and amount of each payment
  • Simplify billing processes with enhanced data capture, allowing for improved reporting and payment tracking
  • Reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable with automatic reconciliation
  • Save up to 3% on cross-border payments and avoid exchange rate fluctuation risk where possible with a payment method that’s accepted in 210 countries

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Enhance Cash Flow For Your Media Business
Find out how media agencies and buyers can benefit from our supplier payment solution and how the solution works.


Transforming Supplier Payments
This brochure provides an introduction to WEX and our pioneering single-use virtual payments technology.


WEX Virtual Payments For Media Businesses
Watch now to learn how our supplier payments solution can help your business increase revenue.