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Increase Profitability with B2B Payment Solutions

WEX Virtual Payments provides B2B payment solutions that allow eCommerce marketplaces and online retailers to control and reconcile supplier payments with ease:

  • Global acceptance through existing processes
  • Pay suppliers in 210 countries and over 150 currencies, saving up to 3% per transaction by avoiding FX rate mark ups and cross-currency fees
  • Eliminate currency fluctuation risk by paying overseas suppliers in their local currency and settling with WEX in that currency
  • Enhance cash flow and working capital with access to a credit line at no cost
  • Create an additional revenue stream by earning money back on payments you are already making
  • Reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable with automated reconciliation
  • Avoid fraud with a secure payment method that allows you to control and track the timing, recipient and exact amount of each payment

How it Works

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Enhance Cash Flow with Optimised Supplier Payments
Benefit from extended payment terms for accounts payable and improve supplier relationships by making payments earlier.

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Reduce Payment Fraud & Disputes
Secure payment method that gives you flexible controls over payments made, as well as the ability to reconcile payments with ease.

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Save 3% on Cross-Border Supplier Payments
Save up to 3% per transaction paying international suppliers by avoiding FX rate mark ups and cross-currency fees.

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