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Streamlined Supplier Payments for Aviation Businesses

WEX Virtual Payments enables companies operating within the aviation industry to pay suppliers with a real-time and touch free electronic payment solution:

  • Secure and controlled payment method
  • Enables automatic reconciliation
  • Accepted globally through existing networks
  • Reduces the cost of cross-border payments

Our solution offers transaction-specific controls to help your business improve governance over spending, while enhanced data capture allows facilitates robust reporting.

Auto-reconciliation reduces administration and overhead in your accounts payable department, while helping you to improve supplier relationships through faster payments.

Access to extended payment terms at no cost improves working capital, and our solution also allows you to pay suppliers in 210 countries globally. We can help you save up to 3% per transaction when paying overseas suppliers and avoid FX rate fluctuation risk where possible.

How it Works

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Fact Sheet

Streamlined Payment Solution For Aviation Businesses
Find out how your aviation business can benefit from our supplier payment solution and how the solution works.


Transforming Supplier Payments
This brochure provides an introduction to WEX and our pioneering single-use virtual payments technology.


Introducing WEX Virtual Payments
Avoid late payments, improve operational efficiency and save money when making payments to suppliers overseas.