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Build A Strategy For Foreign Currency Transactions

Currency markets are increasingly impacted by political and global events, as well as economic announcements. Having the right strategy in place for foreign currency transactions is essential for travel companies, this infographic explores:

  • How travel companies are managing international supplier payments
  • The strategies available to manage risk of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Which payment methods are best suited to foreign currency transactions

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Our whitepaper, The State Of International Travel, shows the currencies that are most important for travel companies to consider, as well as further exploring how currency markets impact travel companies and how to choose the right strategy for international payments.

Foreign Currency Transactions

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Foreign Currency Transactions

By nature currency markets are volatile, recently exchange rates have been significantly impacted by political and other global events – for example the EU referendum/Brexit vote. 

Travel companies typically have to pay suppliers across the globe so are particularly at risk of exposure to negative currency market movements.  

Having a strong strategy in place for international supplier payments is more important than ever, our infographic answers these key questions: 

  • How did the Brexit vote effect the value of the British Pound (GBP) against key currencies? 
  • Which strategies are travel companies currently employing to manage international supplier payments? 
  • What options are available to you when building a successful strategy for foreign currency transactions? 

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It is also important to understand the changing destination preferences of travellers to identify the currencies that matter for your business – these are detailed in our whitepaper: The State Of International Travel. The whitepaper also explores the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on travel companies in detail.