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Transforming the Way You Pay Suppliers

WEX is a global leader in supplier payment solutions, for more than 15 years we have helped our customers to gain a competitive edge with simplified accounts payable processing.

We reduce the complexities of payment systems across industries including travel, insurance & warranty, construction, media, aviation and eCommerce – giving our customers and partners deeper insight into and greater control over their businesses.

Our virtual payments solution is a touch free and real-time secure payment method that is accepted by suppliers via existing networks. Virtual payments help businesses:

  • Cut administration and overhead in accounts payable with auto-reconciliation and access to enhanced data for improved reporting
  • Save up to 3% on cross-border payments to global suppliers, while avoiding risk from exchange rate fluctuations where possible
  • Earn money on payments that are already made – creating new revenue streams
  • Enhance cash flow with access to extended payment terms at no cost
  • Pay suppliers faster and avoid late payments helping to build stronger relationships with suppliers
  • Reduce payment fraud and disputes with access to a range of customisable controls


Save on international payments, enhance cash flow, improve relationships and achieve efficiencies in supplier payments.



Pay and close claims faster to increase customer satisfaction, while extending payment timelines and reducing fraud and disputes.



Achieve fairer payments without compromising cash flow, plus reduce accounts payable administration work and enhance report.